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Finding “Vozvrashcheniye”: I Feel Lucky

From more in the “where would we be without the web” department.

I was chatting with a friend about movies, not a subject I can dare seriously enter with series film freaks, but in talking about “obscure” foreign films, I was trying to remember the name of a Russian one I saw a few years ago that was really moving.

So I go to Internet Movie Database, and I am stumped on what to search for as I cannot remember anything from the title or descriptive enough.

Next stop? The oracle.

As a shot in the search darkness, I google it. I know it was a russian film about boys and a father, it was black and white, and it involved an incident at a tower. So the magic phrase is russian movie boys father black white tower.

I should have pressed the I’m Feeling Lucky button cause the answer was the first one! The Return was the English title for Vozvrashcheniye.

Man, the tubes are on fire! I am sorry if this sounds like giddiness, but the sheer ability to throw a query out like that and hit a bulls-eye was unimaginable 15 years ago.

And while I am gushing, the a href=””>Internet Movie Database, deserves a web hall of fame award for being around like almost from the beginning and being such a site with a rich layer of user participation (one can lose weeks reading the forums and bickering over plot summaries and analysis).

So whats your amazing google search story? You must have one! No? Oh well. Maybe its just me that gets excited this way.

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