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Proud of my Blogging Big Little Sister

I’m so proud of my big (cause she’s 6 years older) little (cause she is shorter than me) sister who has taken up blogging in the best way. Having just retired from 30+ years of governemtn work, she and her husband are off on a real adventure.

Having been active sail boat explorers up and down the Chesapeake Bay, they, along with Bailey the Sheltie, have left the confines of the bay, and are going to be living on their 38 foot sail boat and going down the Atlantic coast and over to the Bahamas or where-ever their curiosity takes them.

But what is cool is that Harriet has taken up blogging their expedition as a blog:

Every day she has been posting updates of their travels, where they stayed, who they met, and lots of photos, even a Google Map with pins marking their progress.

I think she is either finding wireless at the marinas they visit, or more likely, using a laptop modem internet card.

My sister is blogging, how cool is that!

And, I am hoping a future blog post, say in the winter, will feature me visiting them in the Bahamas…

Bailey I hope is doing fine- he had no idea when they left their house two weeks ago that he would not be goiing back, and would be subjected to strange processes for his bodily functions. According to the Yorktown entry, he was caught radio-ing for help! I commented:

Bailey called me. He says he loves you dearly, but does not like to pee on a mat. He wants more toys and a bed. And a flashlight.

But I am just looking back and that post has 8 comments! I cant remember the last time I got 8 comments.

And this is an interesting sidelight to following Harriet’s journeys. They have been active in sailing clubs, and what I am learning is that people form close real and online networks among sailing enthusiasts. I think they have met someone at every stop that had a connection to their sailing club near Annapolis.

It’s fun to watch my RSS reader light up with a new post and lovely photos- way to go, Sis!

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