This is long overdue for users of my Feed2JS service, which allows you to place a dynamic feed in your web page without having to know anything about RSS or parsing XML. This has been around since 2003 and seems to still be used a lot. I’ve hardly done much on the code for 2+ years, but have long known there are looming problems because the underlying code that deciphers RSS feeds, the MagpieRSS parser has not been updated since November 2005.

Of course there are easier ways to embed with widgets in blogging platforms, but I still see a lot of use all over the place for Feed2JS.

Via twitter I got some reports that Feed2JS was barfing on some WordPress 2.7 sites (included my own, yikes).

I knew the recommendation was some surgery to replace MagpieRSS with SimplePie, a newer, cleaner, more versatile RSS parsing engine. So I donned my mask and PHP scalpel for a few hours Saturday, and was pleased to find it took very little effort to swap in the new parser.

It’s not been extremely tested, so I am inviting people to bang the lab version for a bit. Note that this is not anything that should be used for beyond testing, and as you will see it blasts a Big Ugly Banner to make sure you don’t. Ugh, I would not want that on my site.


If it looks okay, I’ll release the new code soon- am moving the source to Google Code from eduforge. And then I can start tinkering with some of the improvements SimplePie offers, including parsing of video in enclosures, control over date output formats, use of localization for date output, and more. There’s a lot to SimplePie!

And I want to send a big shoutout to Axel and the guys at Modevia Web Services who have provided the hosting for free for 3+ years. I would not be able to run this on my own site.

The post "Better with Pie: Feed2JS 2.0! Testers Wanted" was originally emerged from the primordial ooze and first walked on land at CogDogBlog (http://cogdogblog.com/2009/03/feed2js-2/) on March 23, 2009.


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