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I Saw Them Play in DC Before They Got Big

Oh if you caught Beautiful Depravity back when they were starting out, you’d know what pure true Metal music is all about.


Of course by the time Thou Art Metal came out in 2002, they had already lost a lead guitarist to a bizarre accident with a welding torch, and their original keyboard player found Buddha and left the band. But still, with the big bang opener of Remorseless Promises, to the haunting chorus of Dark Wrath, the hypnotic chords of Decayed Chant of Desolation, and the epic closing arc of Grim Delirium, this album holds up as the inspiration for nearly every metal band that has followed.

Are you still with me?

Everything above is made up, of course. Starting with a band, album cover, and song list created by the Metallizer Heavy Metal Music – Random Album Generator . But more than a mere generator, the Metallizer provides a useful widget that will shine up your sidebar:

For fun and neverending metallic mayhem, you can display random metal albums on your own site or blog with the Widget…. No adware, spyware, or any other nefarious scheme is involved. However, this service may cause Armageddon, may damn your eternal soul to Hell, and/or may self-destruct without warning.

Found at the home of fun weird stuff at the Generator Blog from where I never fail to find something fun and cheap to blog about.

Someone has to do this stuff, cause most of my once favorite blogs are quite dead or at least lifeless, as everyone seems to only focus their attention on bursts of 140 characters at a time.

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  1. ooh, fun… we heavy metal people usually have a pretty good sense of humor, once you get past all the filthy hair, black t-shirts, corpsepaint, blasphemous jewelry & faux armor, et al. not all of us, but, well, me at least… at this very moment I’m listening to the band Ulcerate – “The Mask of the Satyr”, off their “Of Fracture and Failure” album. 100% not made up. I swear. br00tal as all Hell, too… needless to say, I’m enjoying it thoroughly. I’ll also enjoy playing with the random metal generator thingy. thanks! take care…

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