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I took a pit stop on the way to Monterey for NMC2009 to grab some GigaPan scenes near Fisherman’s Wharf. What a lovely clear sunny day it was. First was a shot from the beach catching a lot of the crazy cold water swimmers:

Yes, I got myself in the image….

Next, I took the walkway that extends from the end of Van Ness Avenue that curves out into the water, offering two great views – one of the city Skyline:

I have one more (still slowly rendering) looking the other way sweeping from the Golden Gate to Alcatraz.

These ones are not big because it was really worth only 3 rows of images, and the sweeps are wide (about 180 degrees, so there is that warped distortion. Still, the scenes are rich with detail.

I hope to do a few down here in Monterey if there rally is any free time this week (not likely).

Update Here is the last one from the Bridge to the Brig

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  1. I made a very unsuccessful attempt to shoot a handheld series for a pano of that spot back in 2002 – only 2 photos wound up even remotely lining up. sigh. looks awesome with the actual gigapan hardware!

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