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2009/365/212 Flipping Self Set Up
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I’m almost done the first round of video editing prep for Amazing Stories of Openness for the OpenEd conference. Going well.

My plan during my presentation is to give context of each video I have acquired, and play a short clip, but provide the full interview clip as a reference. I am going to tell a few of my own, and thus, today I realized I should record my own freaking stories.

The last time I did this, when I issued the Call for Stories (for which those who ignored may may dearly), I recorded it with my Flip Mino HD (the NMC 2009 edition, still available at I kept doing short test clips to get the camera set up right.

It occurred to me today it would be easier if I just set up a mirror on the desk as a sort of video monitor– seemed to work okay; I’ll know later when I dive into the editing bay.

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