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Five Card Flickr Stories Bonus: See All Stories with One Photo

I have a few upcoming presentations where I plan to use Five Card Flickr Stories so was compelled to try and toss a few more code tweaks onto the bin.

The newest is an ability, when a story is published, to see for one one photo, all the other stories that it appears in. So for example, looking at this story, “all me”:

Below the image credits is a new set of thumbnails- so you can click any of them to see, oh, all the stories that used that fun photo of Nancy White:

This was more to see if this was potentially interesting/useful. My ideal was to have the links as hover notes over the story images, but my CSS chops fell short… can always try later. It’s my code and I’ll change if I want to….

Other options would be to create a gallery listing to list in order of most stories that used a single photo (the Ace of Spades display). I’ve also toyed with making a page with a grid of random images so that one could pick the first card in your hand- sort of like 4 card draw.

None of this is yet reflected in my source code, want to try it out a bit first.

Play a hand?

Also, for anyone adding cards to the system by tagging flickr photos 5cardflickr, honestly it really works best for new uploaded photos. I’m polling once an hour for newly tagged photos. There’s a bit of trickery, as the flickr API grabs maybe 100 or 200 newly tagged photos in my calls, so its a challenge to reach back in time without a boat load of API calls to filter by date.

UPDATE (Aug 6, 2010)
I pawed around with the qTip library and jQuery to update this so I have a hover box that appears on an image mouseover, allowing the link to see more stories with the same photo. I had to munge a bit (5 separate constructors) to get it to work, but it is cleaner!

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