“Twitter is a waste of time” — yeah, time I could better spend reading dull emails, clipping my toenails, filing my taxes. Pfooooey.

Yesterday, I got caught up in a mini burst of twitter spontaneity that was pure fun… and is still gurgling along today. IOt was the opposite end of the tail from trending, but it sure was fun for 30 minutes.

This all started when Michael Berman sent me a chat via Skype because he saw my satus line “Strawberry Fields Forever” (a play on my location in Strawberry, AZ), and he said, it would be funny to have a list of Less Than Enthusiastic Rock Songs like “Strawberry Fields for a Little While” or “You Shook Me for 15 Minutes”.

Well heck, why just play back and forth on chat. I said, let’s bounce this to twitter – with the hash tag #lessThanEnthusiasticSongs

It was just pure silly fun because a handful of other people joined in, some I do not even know.


  • @cherylcolan: Fly Like a Pigeon #LessThanEnthusiasticSongs
  • @rushaw: “Jiggle the Casbah” #lessThanEnthusiasticSongs
  • @schwier:To dream the annoyingly difficult dream #lessThanEnthusiasticSongs
  • @mckennaEDU: “Tangled Up In Periwinkle” #lessThanEnthusiasticSongs
  • @noiseprofessor: When the Levee Shows Signs of Wear #lessThanEnthusiasticSongs
  • @pumpkiny: Meander This Way #lessThanEnthusiasticSongs
  • @aforgrave: Dull, Sad People #lessThanEnthusiasticSongss
  • @amichaelberman: “Sort of Nice Looking Woman” #lessThanEnthusiasticSongs

What does this mean? Nothing. Kibbles. Bits. But when you are in this mix live space, you almost feel like your hand is on the rail of the internet, you can feel the heat, the hum of the packets moving.

That’s where it’s at.

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