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The energy of ds106 radio continue to shine, with the almost impromptu music themes this week, from work songs to a fun day (was it Wednesday? just yesterday?) of “Songs to Grow By” — meaning songs you heard as a kid, or songs your parents/grandparents played or, as the Dr Garcia’s bumper went, “ones your aunt played as she drove you across the country not even stopping to get McDonald fries” (I am guessing that is not just a generic example, Dr G?).

The thoughts that came to me were the eras of music that played out of the basement family room of our house in Suburban Baltimore, with the old tube powered record player in a wooden box. I assembled a mix of music and a few intros.

Alan’s Songs to Grow By

The song lists include:

Parents and Kids sounds

  • Mom’s music for house work- Neil Diamond “Sweet Carolina”
  • Dad’s marching music – John Philip Sousa
  • My listens to Winnie The Pooh on LP, everyone likes te Tigger song, but I had a fondness and desire for Eeyore to be happy

First Rock Album

  • My sisters bring in The Beatles Abbey Road– played Octopus Garden as it was a bit of a story and at least Ringo got some spotlight

Box of 45s courtesy of our neighbor

  • The Jackson Five “ABC”
  • Mark Lindsay “Arizona” (ironic that I would now live there)

Alan Buys His Own Albums (Yes He Knows He Needs to Get Them Out of His Mom’s Garage!)

  • Bachman Turner Overdrive “Taking Care of Business”
  • Paul McCartney and Wings “Helen Wheels”

I later realized that is was really fitting to have some Schoolhouse Rock, so I tossed some of them into the bin including “Conjunction Junction”, “Lolly Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here”, “Zero My Hero”, “Three is a Magic Number”, “I Got Six” and “Figure 8” — you can find them all on the Tube.

What a fun day!

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  1. Excellent to see your show in another format. A great template I might in fact use as an example for my students this summer.

    The whole McDonald’s french fries scenario was in fact made-up. Seems too random to be fiction eh? Así es.

    Pura Vida,


  2. I remember when Judy bought ‘Arizona’. It was our first 45. We played it over and over again. So…did you raid the box of 45’s in Mom’s garage???

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