Like us canines hearing sounds beyond the human spectrum, participants in ds106 seem to see lights and colors others miss…

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

This photo that was from a number light pole in Mesa, AZ, was the genesis for the Illustrate 106 visual assignment. I’ve dodged in and out of remembering to look for occurrences of 106ness in the world, but have collected a few.

Beyond the obvious address signs, I still seek something with a “CVI” in it (Roman numerals), and I am missing more easy items like mile markers and road distance signs (“Fredericksburg 106” would be cool to see in Virginia).

But I keep looking and tag them both ds106 and my own with just 106 (there seem to be a lot of clutter in the public tag).

I’m just posting this as I aim towards making a future home here at the CogDogHouse for my ds106 related stuff, tagged for now.

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