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ScottloFor those in the ds106 Radio fold, this week’s drama has been the reported demise of our New/Old Radio Friend, Scottlo. The “death” part being a bit downloayed, it has been a fascinating thing to watch unfold as he (Scottlo? Otto? Frank?) examines, reinvents, who he is online, especially now, as he leads a course on “Sock Puppets”.

Last night on the radio, we (@mikhailg and @jimgroom) held a “wake” for him, but it nicely eveolved more into a great discussion of identity, and and a dviersion into Border Blasters, John Romulus Brinkley, dramatic definitions on Urban Dictionary, and even an unexpected use for goat parts.

And it was nicely topped when (Scottlo? Otto? Frank?) joined us, and provided some more insight into what he is thinking. I am hoping somewhere out there is an archive- it was not the “smoothest” technical night on the ds106 radio!

I made two audio salutes to Scottlo:

CogDog’s Eulogy for Scottlo (6.5 Mb 8:57)

CogDog’s Makes Scottlo Noise (2.4 Mb, 2:28)

Long live… ds106 Radio!

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