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This afternoon I went out for a bike ride, and enjoying the tranquility of my small time life, I left my house unlocked. That was my first mistake.

Apparently my hippy neighbor, one Maynerd G. Cosmo, decided to make himself at home in my house. Cosmo is a lost hippy, someone stuck in the 1960s. He made a mess of the place, leaving crushed fritos all over the floor, and some unidentified sticky drink residue all over my table. He also helped himself to my stash!

But my mistake was leaving my laptop out, and that dirty hippy not only helped himself to my twitter stream, polluting it ith his goofball philosophy, but he went on the ds106radio and did a Trippy Hippy radio show!

Trippy Hippy Hour (Maynerd G. Cosmo) (82.5 Mb 1:25:56).

The playlist Cosmo infected the waves with included:

Damn dirty hippies!

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