I’ve lost any sense of what the search for the Center of the Internet means, but now, with the assistance of Obi Don Potter, I was able to get the message on the device left for me in Philadelphia. It appears I am needed to give a Storybox demo at Brock University, and I have to get there tomorrow.

Some back tracking…

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After traveling by buses from Philadelphia, I got to the Port Authority bus terminal in New York, and found my way to the pre-arranged meeting spot with Obi Don Potter, here at the Bleeker Street subway.

He was confused at first by this device I brought, and seemed skeptical of who I was, but seemed to have a sense of what to do with it.

“We do not have long,” he said. “Ride with me uptown, and I will show you how to release the message stored in this unit. We must go now”

And in a swoosh, I was running down the stairs to the subway.

I’d never seen this, but as soon as he approached the uptown tracks, the subway arrived, as if summoned.

Obi Don does have an aura about him.

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“Ahh, this is a special unit,” said Obi Don Potter. “It was encrypted by someone with supreme skills and power, and of our old Interneti ways. There are not many left, and the young people today have not mastered the NetForce.”

He told me to take it to a natural location at night, and provided a keystroke sequence I should use at start it up.

“Do not get it wrong, young Interneti! You have but once chance to view the message! And you must do EXACTLY what ti says, or there shall be tears in the fabric of the internet, the laws of physics may be cast null and void, and darkness, greed, and bad hair may dominate the free world.” (I did notice he was standing under and ad for The Donald)

I was both fearful and honored of his trust. How can I not follow through?

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“You must exit now,” ordered Obi Don Potter, “and stay hidden until dark. Do not let anyone find this, and most importantly, be wary of a smiling gentleman in sea captain garb. He is not who he says he is. Follow these instructions, it is your destiny.”

With that, the subway stopped. I exited at 59th and Lexington, seeking a place to hide in the Park. Later I would try and extract the message embedded for me on this device.

I could not rest knowing what was in my hands.

Darkness came, and from a bench near the Hans Christian Anderson statue (ahem, Storyteller), I was able to reveal the mission I was called for.

So the StoryBox is headed for the border again. I can get to Buffalo by midnight, hole up, and be there in time for my workshop.

That is where this adventure ends for now. I still have no information from this whacko Dr. Oliver, and am thinking he may be more behind my disappearance then part of my getting out of it.

But that matters little. It does not even mean there if there is a Center of the Internet, it is in all of us, and we need to all keep pumping out the creativity, expression, stories that make it alive. And the doorway for that, is once and for all…. ds106. Go there and make some stuff, damnit.

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