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Next week we start a two week segment of ds106 focussed (get it?) on photography. I’m putting out a request to add your suggestions in an open Google doc at

Links to articles are great, but I am really looking for personal strategies and ideas that would help my students refine their approach to visualizing, composing, etc- not just the technical stuff, the things that move one from snapshots to art.

For example, Brian Metcalfe shared this audio narrated slideshow by Darren Kuropatawa:

Maybe I can arm twist Alec or Dean into echoing it, they do well with these Google Doc Tom Sawyer Fence Painting gigs.

Hint. Ahem. The link.


  • Sandy Brown Jensen

    Whoa! Down the rabbit hole I went!
    However, if there is a narration with
    it isn’t immediately obvious. I went to the Slideshare site and couldn’t figure it out there, either, although the Slideshare link you provided was, as they say, “intuitive.”
    Great idea–good stuff!

    • Alan Levine aka CogDog

      I did not sync the audio in slideshare, I flashed through some slides do quickly I could not use their sync tool- there is an mp3 of the presentation just a little down the page (under heading “Audio Recording “) you have to advance the slides yourself; it does not have a film strip beep

  • Pat

    Do I have to be in your class to look at the suggestions? I just bought a Nikon D3100 and it is my first DSLR camera (all of my others were just point and shoot). I need all the help that I can get!

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