You may feel ignored as you have been asking a while, but it has not gone unheard. I’ve spent an afternoon climbing around the underbelly of the ds106 WordPress database, and am still not quite at the magic place where I can connect the feeds that are syndicated via Feedwordpress and the tags it applies on incoming posts.

Until I can do that last mile, I at least have a starting point:

The issue is part of a larger one where for now the process of adding feeds to ds106 is manual, and it is there we usually enter a tag for class sections (this applies the tag to all syndicated posts). The open online participants currently do not have a tag, so to test, I manually added it to Lisa’s posterous blog, my blog, Jim’s blog, and Giulia’s (this will only affect new posts coming in) — and should point at:

It *seems* to be picking up some other posts tagged “open” (??), and you may be able to get your posts there if you add this tag to your ds106 posts.

I hope to work through the database understanding so we can modify any ds106 syndicated feed with this tag, as well as back tag older content (no promises, the wordpress tagging structure is a labyrinthian route).

If someone has better experience in working with the way FeedWordPress stores its information, pleas let me know, I just thrashing around in the bowels with a dim flashlight. I can see that FWP adds all syndicated sites to the wordpress links, and that link ID is used internally to connect to the feed via meta data “syndication_source_uri” — I am just not finding the right connections to the post_tag setting.

I am a database whacker not hacker not stacker.

Just wanted to let you know Lisa, we are on it….

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  1. Yeah, my first thought when I went to tackle this was “Even if I did have the time to manually tag every feed from open online participants, it requires me to know which feeds represent open online participants.” Obviously a better way would be to work this into the signup process, maybe some of the dev work we’ll get from the Kickstarter funds can help that. Still seems like there should be an easy way to say “For all posts that *don’t* match this set of tags, generate a feed.” or “Create a feed that excludes these certain tags.”

  2. I wish I could advise, but if you’ve got a dim flashlight, I’ve got a stubby candle. I had no idea it would be so much harder than doing feeds for the other sections. :-(

    You’re sweet to try. If y’all get it, I’ll appreciate knowing how for my own stuff.

    1. It’s not that its harder, it’s just because its an after thought.

      All feeds are added by hand, when we get a class to add, we make sure to add a tag in FWP for all new blogs- this was not done for open participants.

      The real goal is to make signing up to ds106s elf service and have a feed added automatically and tagged.

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