I’m late with my ds106 design stuff, but you will not catch me saying I am sorry.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

I did assemble this for the Postcards from Magical Places assignment, which we had our UMW students with a requirement that the image come from Minecraft.

Design the front and back of a postcard that might be sent from the location of a movie or a work of fiction. Both sides of the cards must be created as graphics.

The fornt should use graphic design elements that provide a sense of place or use the classic motifs of old postcards (“Greetings from ______”)_, both pictures and text. The back of the post card should contain a stamp and postmark that fits with the theme of the movie, as well as an addressee and a message that fits the plot as well.

The inspiration was a fanfiaction assignment created by a UMW student in Spring Semester 2011- see the excellent set of LOTR cards at http://cupofchai.umwblogs.org/2010/11/22/fanfiction/

During our first camp fire hangout in Minecraft, I played with putting my new dog skin in the fire, and this seemed to work well as a camp prank of hot dogs. I started out in GIMP but got frustrated with the inability to do some effects on text, and with a loaned copy of PhotoShop, I did this image with rather simple edits, some text warp for the post mark.

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