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I am among the many afflicted by the ds1o6 fever of animated GIFs.

Riddle me this; why oh why, Grand Oracle of Google, can one actually upload an ainamted GIF to Google Drive but not be allowed to use it?

Here is an animated GIF I made from Pulp Fiction that is uploaded and animates nicely in a my Google Drive.

It animates.


In editing something in the Drive I can select it fine:

but try putting it in a Google Doc

or a presentation

Unsupported format.

If I check out the help docs, I get

Using images is a great way to make your presentations more colorful. Here are a few ways to insert an image into your presentation…

Inserted images must be in .PNG, .JPEG or .GIF (no animated GIFs) file formats

No reason.

Just no.

Why Google can not Thou alloweth thine GIFs to animate?


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