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This audio recording was created (by request) for Matt Henderson a Manitoba teacher a number of us met this summer at the UnPlug’d Conference. Matt, who has done his own projects with creating a school based FM radio station, asked us for some help with a presentation he did Friday where he wanted to include some perspective on ds106 radio.

So with some gentle nudging from @drgarcia, a group of us celebrating the last night of the Open Education 2012 conference in Vancouver gathered in a key back room of The SoundLab to records this one take “rockumentary” for Matt. With gentle music provided by @noiseprofessor, speakers included @grantpotter @giuliaforsythe @cogdog (me) and @bryanjack

ds106radio rockumentary

Enjoy. And it is now on the radio station…

More goodness for the radio station is at plus Giulia Forsythe made this nifty screencast for help in listening to the station on your iThing:

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