How could anyone resist doing Tom Woodward’s Not Quite Norma Jean assignment?

The past is strange. Remake this classic Marilyn Monroe “expressions sheet” with self-portraits or with the aid of a friend. Bonus points for the involvement of a stranger.

And I thought, if Tom Woodward can pose coyly like Marilyn, than surely my stuffed animal Feldspar can pull it off? And as I worked with the image I made from it it started saying to me, please make me into a GIF, yeah, a Riff a GIF type of GIF.



For the makings, I created Photoshop file with the background a capture of the screen at Retronaut (I liked the frame on it), and in the top layer, a copy of this made with the images of her cut out, so it was a copy of the frames around the images that sits above the 9 separate image layers.

For the photos I worked for hours to pose Feldspar appropriately (sigh, these pompous film stars are so hard to work with, where was I to find green milkbones?). I did the black and white / sepia effects in Aperture using Silver Efex Pro plugin, and exported as 500px JPEGs, which I then imported into Photoshop, sized and cropped to fit in the frames.

I then used the Convert Layers to Frames command in the animation palette, and set about turning on layers in each frame as needed; I set the first and last frames for a longer duration so they would linger.

If you would like to give this a go, you can download my photoshop file as a template, and see if you can get your own images into the layers.

This is done solely as a tribute to Tom Woodward, who from the very get go in December 2010 has contributed some of the best ideas and assignments for ds106


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