• Ben Rimes

    It’s digital artifacts like this that make my day, thanks Alan!

    Out of curiosity, do you sift through archives of media to find all these clips, or have you just carefully curated them all through the years?

    • Alan Levine aka CogDog

      Thanks, Ben!

      Neither, just searched Youtube for “drill sergeant” – a lot of them came up on the sidebar for related videos.

  • Bosha Struve

    I agree with Ben…you made my day (I am now digitally delirious). Your videos just keep getting better! I was also wondering how you find such great material. Great stuff…cogdog rocks.

    • Alan Levine aka CogDog

      Thanks Bosha. There’s tons of stuff out there! I’ve got iMovie wrapped around my finger so I can do almost all I need in it.

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