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As it happens, I had just finished lighting the fire in MY woodstove, when I clicked over to Alan’s post and listened to his rockin’ version of Light My Fire.  I retreated to basement, found the tenor guitar, used the Guitar Toolkit app to find a few chords and a Dorian scale in Am. I think that ‘Santana-esqe’ sound is often captured in a Dorian kind of mode. (Which I don’t know much about to be honest, just basically this)

So armed with my tenor, and the scale (pictured below) I joined in the LMF jam via GarageBand and Soundcloud. As I was messing with it, that little theme came out and that formed the basis for most of what I did. There’s also some cringers and clunkers of notes and chords in there, but it’s jamming after all. Thx @cogdog for stoking the fires!


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