I might be the last one left still using Google Reader. Why not? Although banished from the menus, it will work through July, 2013. I’m in no hurry to join the Mad Rush To Find The Perfect Reader Replacement That Does Not Exist.

But I was surprised when tonight reader announced that a newer version was available, to refresh my browser to update.

updated reader

Could it be? Might there be a change of heart?

Nah, I then got the Google Reader Death Note Reminder.

It sure seems like Google has a bit of personality disorder.


And we are seeing the externalization of a struggle between different personalities? Will RSS survive once Google pulls the reser plug (and likely Feedburner)? Or will Reader revive as a new force? Or shall the Do Not Eve face of Google Plus pulls dominant?

Google, she has many faces.


The post "Google Personality Disorder" was originally thawed from a previous ice age and melted at CogDogBlog (http://cogdogblog.com/2013/05/google-personality-disorder/) on May 9, 2013.


  • Stephen Downes downes.ca

    I discovered today that Google has removed the option to subscribe directly from feed autodiscovery – now you arfe shown only the (useless) iGoogle page as an option.

    Like you, I’m in no rush to move – it will take me a couple minutes to retrieve my OPML, so I’m in no hurry (and I have a backup of said OPML anyways, just in case).

  • Thatcher Bohrman

    It’s no surprise a beast with as many heads as bigG has as many minds. My favorite is the message I get on my Droid phone AND iPad, WHILE using Chrome “some functions are not available on this app, please update to a modern browser (smarmy emphasis on modern), like Google Chrome”. Hello!?

  • Tim Lepczyk eduhacker.net

    Ironic, I came to your site looking for new blogs to subscribe to as I move from Google Reader to Feedly.

    So far, I’m enjoying Feedly and it was very easy to migrate.

  • Ryan Collins ryancollins.org

    I installed Tiny Tiny RSS, which seems to work ok. There is a plugin for the Fever API for it now, so I can use the Reeder app on my iPhone.

    Works pretty well.

  • Ditto Stephen Downes’ reply, will leave when forced, am still adding new feeds

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