Rather fitting for the idea of doing a Daily Create bootcamp this month, today’s was a video challenge (which means most people go hide under the bed):

Make an Exercise Video for a Common Every Day Activity (e.g washing dishes)

The point is to apply the genre of exercise videos, people overly enthusiastic doing something you would choose root canal as a better option and doing so like they are having fun with it.

And of course, I am not too old to enjoy bathroom humor (I still remember our house’s bathroo, having a copy of Jokes for the John in it).

The computer stretching but is a nod to this video by comedian Don McMillan who still has a tech/office space angle to his comedy.

I remember this because it was on a CD I got in 1992, when I attended the QuickTime 1.0 conference in San Francisco, my first conference as a Maricopa Community College’s employee. This was the Cambrian era of digital video, when the first life forms crawled out of the sea in their 240×160 aspect ratios and became alive. Who would have thought we could stream HD movies over the net?

photo (2)

Of course rather than uploading it to YouTube I was able to find someone had already done it ;-)

There is something nifty that this 21 year old digital video is still useful (I used one of his other clips for my ds106 show series last semester).

So Drill Sergeant Hulka is reporting a lot of you are getting flabby and lazy on your creativit…/ Whatsa matter, you cannot take 15, 30 minutes a day to exercise your creativity? Can’t keep up with the Dog? How will you be in shape for the Headless ds106 Course starting in September?

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