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The fifth of the #ds106 Daily Create Summer challenges was — challenging. Today’s was a writing assignment:

Write about something ugly “” war, fear, hate, cruelty “” but find the beauty (silver lining) in it.

I planted this in my mind this morning, hoping something would emerge. The four examples listed above were not doing anything for me. So I went deep into the dark ugly areas of my conscious… and ended up at a nasty vegetable:

Beets are slimy, nasty, and the mere writing of them transports me back to the time at age 7 I was forced to eat them a summer camp. I took one bite, and had to run outside to hurl.

I know many people relish them, pickle them, mix them up onto pink liquid soup called borscht. My stomach is already churning thinking about the disgusting thought of even putting a spoonful near my mouth.

Where might be the silver lining in all this? Can I rise to the challenge of finding the virtue in the Evil Vegetable?

Reaching for the silver polish.


Here it is.

Beets are a pretty purple color.

From a distance.

Looks like we had another 10 person day participation, certainly better then we were doing last week. If all it takes is a bit of needling, cajoling, encouragement, well, we have the Sergeants to get you going. Looking for more people to join in and do more Daily Creates. Only the most anal and OCD (me) will try and do them all.

Just see if you can try a few, or invite a friend, colleague, family member, pet gold fish, into creating something this month.

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  1. Yes, beet makes a beautiful color.
    Concerning borscht, this is for people in cold Russia, where they need eating something substantial. Maybe Russian kids do not like borscht either.
    I know this kind of childhood drama from ‘Schokohafer’ which is oatmeal with cocoa and sugar. One morning I was not hungry. I did not eat it. They put it in front of me the following three mornings, yet I won. I was a thin girl and they did not make me starve; so headstrong I was. I think I am still.
    Maybe this can also add to your silver polish, at least visually:

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