From the creative genius of John Johnston
From the creative genius of John Johnston

Yes, in a week, we will be into the first day of the headless ds106 course. I am not teaching anyone. No one is. Or everyone is. We already have 23 headless participants.

Over the next few days, I hope to put the weekly announcements in the scheduled post queue, with the plan they will be released every Monday at 12:01am PST. It will include the names/handles of people who have volunteered (and that door is always open, see the signup doc). Also on that doc is space for people if they are interested in helping do things like managing the Daily Creates, editing items in the assignment bank, scheduling the radio station etc, stuff that might take some basic WordPress experience. I’ll give anyone who signs up an demo session.

I really don’t want to have to manage much.

One thing that will happen is people will have ideas, edits, suggestions for each week. For now, I am going to suggest you use the comment field at the bottom of every weekly announcement to share those with us.

Who knows what will happen? That’s the exciting part.

Be there. Ne headless.

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  • Mariana Funes

    Volunteered for managing/editing backstage – but will need some help.

    We have 24 participants as soon as The Ds106 Headless Shrink goes on the list and we have 43 members on Google plus already. Do they count as participants or only those on the blog list?

    Anything you need just ask – I am free from H817 as of today. It’s DS106 time! and not before time…

    • Alan Levine aka CogDog

      I’ll let you know about the extra volunteer-age, lets see how it unfolds the first weeks- the more important is what you are doing already, being present and active in the community. I only count the ones who have registered blogs with the site. Google plus is an extra space, but I am wanting people to publish in their own space, I worry about some who just might upload to G+ and think that’s done- its more than the media created.

      I’m thankful/impressed/awed that you plan to devote your full attention to this, thanks again

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