It’s great to see a lot of folks taking up the Tate Museum 1840s GIF Party, as a ds106 assignment, and on giffight. I could not rest without finding one more to do.

Walter Richard Sickert saw the typical tranquility of a French street scene in Café des Tribunaux, Dieppe, only missing the smell of fresh baguettes and gentle hobnobbing noise of such a cultured people.

But Sickert really was not observing all the street action; apparently the Americans were cruising around in an 1890’s Hummer…

(larger version lurks beneath)
(larger version lurks beneath)

(Modified the first version to add more slow street animation, a bouncing ball, tumbleweed at the end)….

Get your GIF on the Tate’s artwork, do so before February 2 to get yours included in the show.

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