I’m going off the grid tomorrow.


Off the net.


Well, only to you, because by this time tomorrow, I will be in a very bright place, way down at the bottom of…

I’m heading down the South Kaibab Trail to Bright Angel Campground, hiking down with Todd “Will Be Wearing DS106 Shirts All Weekend” Conaway. He had an extra spot on some reservations and when he offered I said yes before his sentence was completed.

The pack is ready. It’s not been worn for at least two years. And beyond a 2013 Rim to Rim hike, I’ve not carried a pack to the bottom since an ill fated Hermit Trail trip in 2004.

So for the next four days there will be no blogging. Sorry, Mariana, there will be no photos posted til Tuesday earliest. Any tweets beyond starting the hike tomorrow morning and emerging sometime on Monday should be viewed with suspicion. Unless a tweet in that period has a photo… question it.

That’s right, it is impossible for me to tweet from the Grand Canyon.

And why would one want to?

That’s the point.

You will see.

After I do.

Til I emerge at the top of the Bright Angel Trail, adios amigos.

Do not put up any missing posters!

Top / Featured image credit: flickr photo by richpix ? http://flickr.com/photos/richpix/322849106 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license

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  1. Be careful out there, fella. No twisted ankles or rattlesnakes in your path, as far as I can see. Make it magical for yourself and we’ll look forward to seeing your dog’s breakfast of photos when you climb back over the rim.

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