A late congratulations to Bonnie Stewart for defending her dissertation on Friday. I am little peeved she scheduled it the morning I left for a 4 day backpack to the Grand Canyon, so I missed the live video stream and all of the twitter live action support.

Through emails I did not see until today, Sara Honeychurch and others started a playlist of tribute songs, and I felt compelled to pen a quick one tonight.

Knowing that Bonnie is a major David Bowie fangirl, I saw right away that the words to Space Oddity e.g. “Ground Control to Major Tom” had a nice option to make it “All of Twitter to #DrBon”. The chords are really doable and the song does have a nice acoustic guitar strum throughout it.

So here it is, a hasty re-write of the lyrics, and about 3 practices and a one take recording…

I might have spent more time doctoring up the poster (pretty tricky since nearly all of Bonnie’s photos are looking right into the camera):


It’s just a coincidence I made a song for Bonnie’s husband Dave Cormier last week; this is not a regular thing!

And here, for anyone who cares, or cannot make out the words I am croaking, are my re-written lyrics and the chords I played:

Top / featured image credits: from photo tweeted by Dave Cormier (like will tweets ever get creative commons?)

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