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Show/Fork Us The SPLOTS!

Daniel Villar has been on fire with the SPLOTs. Not only did he invite me for a workshop last month in Coventry University (and that site is a SPLOT), where we got pre-made versions of them available on, he recently put three different ones into play for his new OWLTEH project. Beyond this, Daniel […]

Ontario Extend


That thing about eating your own dogfood? It’s really quite good stuff. Last week I posted some questions for people to answer about the story of their own domains. This was aimed at helping our Ontario Extend project participants answer that Why Should I Bother With My Own Domain question (they may not even have […]


WP Pusher, Man

You know that trippy opening riff to the Steppenwolf song You know you’ve installed WordPress themes O’Lord, you’ve uploaded a few SPLOTs But you never update them It’s too many steps, lots and lots You know, I’ve seen a lot of SPLOTs out there With not the lastests versions around If you get WP Pusher, […]

Coding, Wordpress

Print Yer SPLOTpoints

I admit I hardly think of printing web pages. But it’s easy to get limited by your own scope of stuff you do.. One of our most active and prolific Ontario Extend Participants, @NurseKillam aka Laura Killam, has been an eager SPLOT poster child, and her questions last year led me to add a number […]


Weaving New SPLOT Features

I do take requests for SPLOT features; the whole evolution of them has been propelled by ideas people have sent me. Readers should ask, “What The Hell is a SPLOT?” Good question, I have a SPLOT that answers that question (google recursion). Before plopping the details, I should acknowledge Reclaim Hosting for starting in April, […]