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Another New Tech Device

flickr foto New Tech Deviceavailable on flickr No, this is not another cool mini MP3 recorder– this is an insulin pump that is tethered to my belly. I am getting up to speed with the functionality before I put it in action. It’s a bit larger than the MP3 recorders I’ve been researching, but this […]

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Pachyderms Romp Through Austin Hotel

The clever blog post entry title not used here was “Museum People Have Great Assets”. Last week I was in Austin all week, not to soak up cool music or wander aimlessly down 6th Street, but holed up in an anonymous, freeway junction hotel for the first of several NMC training sessions in support a new project. The web site is yet to be done (ummm, that is in my court now). This project is supporting art museums from across the state of Texas to develop new online interactive pieces, built in Pachyderm — and tying in with the concepts of digital storytelling, with the aid of the Center for Digital Storytelling.

Img 2158-1

So this was a 3 day ‘boot camp’– not only in technology, Pachyderm, digital video, photography, editing sound, lighting, but also sessions by the brilliant Joe Lambert on the notions of “Storymining” an approach for creating content that was not so… well, sterotypical of a museum tour. Hanging out with Joe and seeing how he works a crowd was a gas, as was my colleagues Rachel and Larry at NMC, our incredible support staff, and Tim S from the SFMOMA, birthplace, if you will, of Pachyderm.

We all pitched in for the entire workshop; my specialty was showing folks how to record and edit audio in Audacity (“is it really free software? why?”) and they were very intrigued my the recording capability of my new little iAudio.

I am still processing and reflecting on the experience– by the end of the third day, we had some great frameworks for perhaps 7, 8 new Pachyderm produced content pieces, participants had a good sense (it seemed) of the basics of digitizing assets and building Pachyderm content.

I must admit my level of expertise in Pachyderm is novice (never having pried enough time in my previous gig to do anything with it). Authoring in this runs counter to most strategies and approaches for your typical linear or minimally branching multimedia content (see the Pachyderm Showcase for some sense of how on linear it can be). It truly demands a lot of upfront planning, sketching, outlining, storyboarding, not jump in and start free will authoring. And you can only (it seems) go about Pachyderm building once you have a strong sense of the structure, features, and link-ness of the different screen types, and you only get that sense by building in Pachyderm. So your first 2 products ought to be considered “practice” unless you are good, lucky, or better planned than moi.

So rather than try and wax on in words, I’ll let some photos tell the story, or at least suggest it.

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Free Is Good At The Airport

I’m again at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport for another jaunt out of town. I recalled reading somewhere online a few weeks ago that the airport was offering free wireless, not the pay through your nose service that was there before. Sure enough, flipping open the laptop, there it is: This is a welcome change from […]

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Feed2JS Beta With Enclosures

Rightfully so, people have been requesting the Feed2JS be able to display content referenced in RSS 2.0 or podcast feeds. Until now, these enclusore tags have been ignored because it is not supported in the underlying MagpieRSS library code. It turns out there is a fairly simple patch / adjustment to the Magpie code that […]

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iAudio Spinning

flickr foto iAudio and Shuffleavailable on my flickr My new iAudio U3 is so tiny and light you’d think it might float away.. but it can carry 1 Gb of stuff. Here is relaxes next to my Shuffle My iAudio U3 MP3 player/recorder prompty arrived and I am just starting to play with it. I […]

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Mouse Convert

flickr foto Mouse, No Tailavailable on my flickr Ha, I am eating my own crow. After baseless ridicule of 3 button mice, I am now loving my Kensington mini Bluetooth critter, on both sides of the operating systems in my MacBookPro. Right clicking saves key-click combos for the Mac, and on Windows on the Intel […]

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Warnock’s Dilemma and Variants

By sheer acts of curious link following, I ended up today learning about Warnock’s Dilemma via Classy’s Kitchen: Warnock’s Dilemma is the situation you face when people don’t comment on your postings: The problem with no response is that there are five possible interpretations: 1. The post is correct, well-written information that needs no follow-up […]