I like this new job.

My day started as early as normal, with the first chore (coffee making) and than a solid hour run to clear the mind. Then it was the tough choices. Which jeans to slip on? Or just lounge in boxers? Shave or not? (I took jeans and a shave, it is still early).

Most of the dat was still getting things set up… the guy from Qwest was here early and got new phone lines set up, and I got the new office phone and fax machine hooked up and tested. Phone technology has always been a weakness of mine, but I’ve got most of the hang of a new multiline phone (one for the NMC number, another for the home line), speed dialing, speaker phone etc. Transferring calls is up there at the PhD level of phone usage.

Got more needed software installed, checked out the access to NMC servers, took a troll in Second Life to get my virtual world legs going… NMC has some extremely cool things coming on in its own “private” SL island (see the CNN coverage from last week).

Eating lunch at home is just so nice as well. I can take a break, watch the news, or hit the news reader. Or take a stroll in the back yard and get Cadu working on her frisbee catching training.

Other critical tasks- using my old iBook as a tune station (playing music form iTunes).

Then there was the task of transferring a small iTunes collection from the iBook (where I synch the shuffle) to the new MacBookPro, so at least I’d have some on board tunes for travel. This was done by booting up the new machine in Target Disk mode (hold “T” on start-up), and merely connecting via firewire to the iBook, where it mounts as a drive. Just copied my legally digitized and purchased songs from the iBook to the new machine. Also made a copy of the iTunes Music Library.xml file from the old computer to a different location on the new. Luckily, my local user name was the same on both machines, so all files matched up for /Users/alan/… otherwise Id have to do a global search and replace in the copied file. Transferring 2 Gb of tunes via Firewire was done in no time at all, just launched itunes, and imported the copiediTunes Music Library.xml file. Launching a purchased tune authenticated the new machine in the iTunes Music Store.

Well, the day goes on, nice chat with Larry J, and its hardly worth blogging little bits of activity.

Damn, I am one lucky dog.

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  1. Alan,

    I’m curious as to whether you set up your home office by the seat of your pants (or boxer shorts) or you had particular recommendations from outside sources on doing it right? I have a half-hazard home office where I do some of my freelance work, but now that I’m finishing up with the M.Ed. I’d like to get a little more serious about the home office space. Keep in mind that it would only be for about 50% of my work because I’m on a part-time contract with an actual employer.

  2. Working at home is great. I personally love the flexibility it has afforded me (though I must admit I still have this hangup about working clothed). But can get a little lonely once in a while. I doubt that will become a problem for one of the most connected edubloggers I know, but if it ever does, feel free to skype me and we can sit around the virtual water cooler for a few minutes and kvetch about the plight of the home-office worker.

  3. Heather, I am pretty much settiing up ad-hoc. I already had a home office (by virtue of our kids growing up and moving out, those old bedrooms provide offices for me and my wife), where I already had a nice desk, file cabinets, etc. We already were set up for wireless.

    I had more work to organize things. I did get recommendations from my new colleagues, but so far, the process has been having new phone lines installed (one for voice, one for fax; a new high speed net connection), new computer, new all-in-one printer/fax/copier/scanner (HP 5610, nice model so far).

    But I am way, way far from expertise, and I will vouch from visiting Scott that he is far more experienced here. And I bet there are plenty of online communities for work at home people, though having a closer cadre in the Education sector might be nice.

    So Scott, let’s open up a Skype party line!

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