Dropping The Number

Where I first heard this line is forgotten, but it has invariably proven to be true when someone I meet shares their phone number. Your area code probably indicates where you lived in 2008. I’m plenty old to remember the fixed geolocation of an area code (well you would look it up on a map […]

Ontario Extend


That thing about eating your own dogfood? It’s really quite good stuff. Last week I posted some questions for people to answer about the story of their own domains. This was aimed at helping our Ontario Extend project participants answer that Why Should I Bother With My Own Domain question (they may not even have […]


WP Pusher, Man

You know that trippy opening riff to the Steppenwolf song You know you’ve installed WordPress themes O’Lord, you’ve uploaded a few SPLOTs But you never update them It’s too many steps, lots and lots You know, I’ve seen a lot of SPLOTs out there With not the lastests versions around If you get WP Pusher, […]

Ontario Extend

Interviewing Your Domain

Do you have your own internet domain? Good! We’d like it if you can share with participants in the Ontario Extend project some wisdom from your experience. Having a domain is not part of the program, but we do have some pre-paid accounts for ones from Reclaim Hosting for participants who work through their modules. […]