Metadata for weblogs– blizg

Go ahead, try and pronounce it… Blizg – The Blog Resource. Blizg is a blog index that focuses on metadata. We want to promote the use of metadata in the blogging community. We’re also excited about finding new ways to use metadata that will create useful connections between and among blogs. It does offer a […]

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Pssss… Have You Heard About RSS?

Just posted to the web is our newbie article “Pssss… Have You Heard About RSS?”. This is one of the features in the Fall 2003 issue of our mcli Forum, a twice a year publication published by our office for print distribution inside our college system, and electronic everywhere else (continuously published since October 1992-200 as the Labyrinth-Forum and since then as the mcli Forum).

It’s about a 2.5 month process for our office to draft, assemble, proof, edit, and get this off to the printers– and it is about 2 days of HTML-izing to get the web version up. This is actually one of my more favorite web layouts, and while I reallly should get around to doing it fully with modern XHTML, I really like it’s look as a HTML table/CSS hybrid.

But about that RSS stuff-


“Where have all the bloggers gone?”

Cue the folk music, Pete… Where have all the bloggers gone? Long time passing. Where have all the bloggers gone? Long time ago. Where have all the bloggers gone? Spammers have picked them ev’ry one. Oh, when will you ever learn? Oh, when will you ever learn? My RSS reader stays pretty grey these days. […]


Does Rackspace.com coddle Spam Roaches?

spamroach.jpg I thought I really had nailed a blog spammer by tracking down the internet provider, documenting, and submitting all the information to the appropriate abuse contact. What I got in return was zilch.

Why would an internet provider protect me from spammers? They might be paying customers and I am not.

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Conversor RSS para JS

Nossa ferramenta de RSS est¬… jogando agora em Brasil Conversor RSS para JS [demo]. I cannot really write Portuguese without the help of the fish, but this is saying that our RSS tool is playing now in Brazil. More scanning of the referring site sin our web server log showed that the RSS2JS demo has […]