Mark Lays out the sobering truth on blog-spam

The euphoria of stomping out blog spam cockroaches may be short-lived. Mark Pilgrim lays out the depressing, sobering truth on weblog spam [dive into mark]. Mark sez the good times will last last than a month… And then the spammers will strike back. They’ll complain to your ISP that you’re spamming, and your ISP will […]

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More Victories for War on Spam Cockroaches

spamroach.jpgD’Arcy recently exalted MT Spamkiller with proofs from his blog how the spam cockroaches were being blocked.

I had not peeked at my MovableType activity log in a while, and was overwhelmed at the number of comment spams that were stopped by Jay Allen’s MTBlacklist plug-in. I shudder at the thought of doing the manual deletion I did just a few weeks ago.

I can hear an entire army of soliders smashing their heels down on the comment spam cockroaches.

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iSight Deno: 6 Video Chats or Around the Continent in 30 Minutes

Last Friday I did a demo of Apple’s iChat/iSight for two-way desktop video conferencing. This was for a group of faculty and staff who attended our Ocotillo Online Learning Group (OLG) meeting, an open monthly event held at different colleges within the Maricopa system.

Like any technology demo, it had its highs and not so highs, manly some connections where the internet was not cooperating and the bandwidth not sufficient for full quality video or sometimes the audio was muffled. But the demo did demonstrate the ease of video chats, and we heard some different ideas how people are using this technology now.


BlogSpamming: Tossing Good URLs into the Spam Mix

Another twist by the blog comment-spamming “community”. In a twice submitted comment to 2 unrelated posts on my MovableType blogs, “Peter” blog-spams: Great comments guys. Peter <a href=”http://www.fda.gov/”>FDA</a> As if Peter was trying to get me to toss the US Food and Drug Administration into my MT-Blacklist?? Or Peter is just getting his cockroach fingers […]