Derivative or Relating MLX Packages

I am just trying to flesh out a new idea for the Maricopa Learning eXchange. Since we have now real stories of how our faculty are using and modifying MLX content. I am hoping we can set up some new tools that can allow someone to create a new MLX item, and add that it is related to or derived from another MLX package.

For example, from our video interviews, we had an Estrella Mountain adjunct faculty (Marylyn) who teaches economics who described how she used the human organs supply and demand lesson package developed at Chandler-Gilbert, but in doing so, Marylyn had added some new components. We would like it if people like Marylyn could ultimately post a new MLX item to describe how the existing one was adopted and perhaps modified.

A tool for showing relationships would recognize use and re-use…

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More Fixes for RSS2JS

Wow, once you start tinkering with code, the worm can opens up. I made a few more adjustments to the RSS to JS demo due to the worminess of RSS 2.0 versus 1.0. After comments in yesterday’s announced fix, I became aware that the code would not deal successfully with RSS 2.0 feeds that use […]


Jay Allen for Saint: MT-Blacklist Plugin

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to Jay Allen, for those 40 hours of blogged sleepless programming that produced MT-Blacklist – A Movable Type Anti-spam Plugin. The war againt spammers has been ratched-up considerably with this new valuable tool (it is beta, but works sweet so far). It allows easy maintaince of your blacklist, deleting […]


Those low down dirty Bloogz

We always need more search engines, eh? Here is Blloogz which has no “about screen” but apparently walks many blogs to fuel the search tool. Not being sure, if this cogdog was “bloogz-ed”, we added our URL to the crawl. Searches produces long lists, but page loads were a bit on the slow side, some […]

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RSS2JS Script Fix

In response to observed, unexpected behavior, I made a minor tweak to our PHP script that does the RSS to JS magic, using JavaScript to embed RSS content in any page. The probllem was on the simple way I was naming my cache files (the RSS parser I use creates cache files to ease the […]

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Notes from the Road: Under the Big Sierra Peaks

Barely relevant to the rest of this blog, what follows are the collections of thoughts that brewed, frothed, fermented, distilled during a weeken of travel. On the heels of a trip to Columbus for the NLII Focus Session on Learning Objects, I actually returned home to Phoenix, but weirdly enough did not exit with baggage to my car to go home as normal.

Nope, the trip was not over, it was a plane change for a flight to Reno, Nevada, on route to a friend’s wedding Saturday in Mammoth Lakes, California.


Learning Objects: Focused Now? Blurry?

What follows, or rambles are some thoughts on today’s NLII Focus Session (October 10, 2003) at Ohio State. I should say now that the best part of these events are getting to meet colleagues face to face, and without a doubt the attendance of 60 were all people I respect and value their varied work in this weird arena.

However, bottom line, I am not sure I have anything more in focus on learning objects.Frankly I thik it is a mistake to focus on them. They are not as important as the learning activities we can create from them.

Maybe it was a mistake to buy for the plane ride a copy of James Bishop’s “Epitaph for a Desert Anarchist” a review of the life and works of my favorite acidic writer, Edward Abbey. In addition, I did miss the last 2 hours to catch a plane so I could be at a wedding tomorrow in Mammoth Lakes.



Blog Spam sneaks under the Wire

Well I feel safer having implemented my blog-spam defense perimeter but apparently there are still some pesky cockroaches sniffing around the edges. Here is another one for those keeping their blog spam filters up to date: IP Address: Name: gifts Email Address: gifts-catalog@yahoo.com add to the banned domains: lstor(dot)com with a variety of un=related […]


Learning Objects: Believe It or Not!

Here is a sneaky dog’s first peek at Learning Objects: Believe It or Not!, the gist of what I am presenting 1:00 PM Friday as part of the “Learning Objects Lounge” at the EDUCAUSE/NLII Focus Session on Learning Objects. Please do not alert the lawyers for the Ripley’s enterprise. It was an irresistable metaphor. Actually […]

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Lora and Boris Show (part deux)

Our learning object bloggers Lora and Boris are making a second appearance at the October 14-17 NMC Online Conference on Learning Objects. Taking to a new level their story presented at MERLOT 2003, a garden varierty PowerPoint, for the NMC conference they have speaking parts as well, as the presentation appears via Macromedia Breeze, the […]