Learning Objects: Focused Now? Blurry?

What follows, or rambles are some thoughts on today’s NLII Focus Session (October 10, 2003) at Ohio State. I should say now that the best part of these events are getting to meet colleagues face to face, and without a doubt the attendance of 60 were all people I respect and value their varied work in this weird arena.

However, bottom line, I am not sure I have anything more in focus on learning objects.Frankly I thik it is a mistake to focus on them. They are not as important as the learning activities we can create from them.

Maybe it was a mistake to buy for the plane ride a copy of James Bishop’s “Epitaph for a Desert Anarchist” a review of the life and works of my favorite acidic writer, Edward Abbey. In addition, I did miss the last 2 hours to catch a plane so I could be at a wedding tomorrow in Mammoth Lakes.



Blog Spam sneaks under the Wire

Well I feel safer having implemented my blog-spam defense perimeter but apparently there are still some pesky cockroaches sniffing around the edges. Here is another one for those keeping their blog spam filters up to date: IP Address: Name: gifts Email Address: gifts-catalog@yahoo.com add to the banned domains: lstor(dot)com with a variety of un=related […]


Learning Objects: Believe It or Not!

Here is a sneaky dog’s first peek at Learning Objects: Believe It or Not!, the gist of what I am presenting 1:00 PM Friday as part of the “Learning Objects Lounge” at the EDUCAUSE/NLII Focus Session on Learning Objects. Please do not alert the lawyers for the Ripley’s enterprise. It was an irresistable metaphor. Actually […]

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Lora and Boris Show (part deux)

Our learning object bloggers Lora and Boris are making a second appearance at the October 14-17 NMC Online Conference on Learning Objects. Taking to a new level their story presented at MERLOT 2003, a garden varierty PowerPoint, for the NMC conference they have speaking parts as well, as the presentation appears via Macromedia Breeze, the […]


Blog-Spammers:10, Me:0

I give up. The rate of blog comment spam to this site is bothersome, now with 10 banned IPs (which likely does very little), and going in to remove the comments manually is getting very old. The latest, unrelated, un-meaningful, unwanted, undesired, unethical, un-freakin’ stooooopid crap that arrived in my comments: IP Address: Name: […]


Somebody’s There at Nobodyhere.com

It is likely impossible to describe in text NobodyHere… It is a site to explore messages, relationships of words, metaphors, and variety of interesting gadgets. “How does this work?” Just click. All pages are connected. “Why?” Because I like to express myself using animation, text and programming. The site has been on-line since 1998 and […]


“Not Just an Education… A Career!”

Ouch, I just hurt mysefl laughing… The folks at J-Walk blog have done it again. Find out all about Spam University, ” the world’s top-rated educational institution for the growing spam industry.” Under Admissions: Spam University receives thousands of applications every month. Regretfully, we can’t accept everyone who applies. Consequently, we have stringent requirements for […]


Ratchet Up (Digital Arts and Culture Blog)

Wow, these TypePad blogs just continue to pop up, all nicely organized. Here is Ratchet Up “is John Schott & friends, featuring links, often daily, to something of interest in digital culture and the arts.” These are not just your typical blog echoes from elsewhere, each story is originally written and tastefully illustrated. The Ratchet […]


Web Design Color Schemes with Natural Roots

A nicely done article on looking at your web pages with a different mind-set. Check out Boxes and Arrows: Natural Selections: Colors Found in Nature and Interface Design. Typicallly B&A has some high brow articles, e.g. “Semiotics: A Primer for Designers”, stuff for people labled “information architects”, but now and then you find some down […]