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#NetNarr Contract Crafting

My rand ambitions are some regular blogging about some behind the scenes things Mia Zamora and I did for the recently ended paused Networked Narratives class we taught. The cursed fog of time is descending. SLOW DOWN time, willya? Mia suggested the idea of doing contract grading ( prefer Miriam Posner’s writeup/example) with our students, […]

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Two Slack Half Tricks for #NetNarr

The Networked Narratives course is just about wrapped up for now (just those pesky grades to submit). I’ve been wanting to go back and write up some of the behind the scenes details that slipped through the blogging cracks in real time. You will find them on this here blog tagged makingnetnarr as I try […]


Alchemy Us

This is the end, though not the end at all, and we have a little informal rule about not using terminating language, of the story of Networked Narratives, a course, and much more than a course. I start here, standing quietly in the dark, in a closet-like room adjacent to the classroom at Kean University […]

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A David Reading

File this as another lesson in being part of the Networked Narratives class — writing something personal is one thing, but reading it out loud another, and the third (still on my list) yet beyond that. This again like we are finding this course, is something that happens when we let loose a little from […]

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Break Away (3 sound #netnarr story remix)

This is somewhat for Alex, who asked for an example on how to do the 3 sound remix assignment for Networked Narratives. He’s spinning his audio wheels, which I said would likely happen. DONT PANIC! We asked students to record and share three sounds of their morning routine, representing their preparation, transportation, and arrival at […]