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Gardner Campbell: New Time Preacher Man Open Ed 2102 Remix

I’m piling in on the remixing from Open Education 2012 started by Tom Woodward. Tom, like he has done so well before, launches first Seeking a Blessing with this equation + to get this audio remix GC Remix I could not resist piling on top of that, so taking on Tom’s theme of perhaps the words of a Preacher Man, I added to his audio some video of Gardner during the Boat Cruise Jam Session but considering the Preacher Man idea, tossing in another other dude with a guitar + +

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An Unexpected Consequence: ds106 Remixed Assignments

cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo shared by carlstr The photo I chose for this post actually has nothing to do with what (I think I will) write about, but came up in the photostream of something from the compfight search on “unexpected”. Get it? “unexpected”. Enough pre-amble. It’s been exciting to see the student work come in for this week’s ds106 work that uses my experimental assignment remix generator. We’ve been emphasizing that the focus of this exercise is less on what they create and more on how they go about interpreting and writing up how to do something like One Story/Four Icons [remixed]: What’s the prequel?. What we want is to see/read your thinking on this. Tow things have come in as questions from students. (1) How do I do this if it makes no sense? Well one option is to keep reloading the generator until […]

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Remixing Mom’s Remix

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog That photo was one I crafted in November when my Mom visited, and I tried to get her in the same pose as her high school graduation photo. After this past week’s fun of getting my Mom to talk live on ds106 radio, it was fun to see the NoiseProf’s remix of her voice (taking mine out of the mix) tossed with D’Arcy Norman’s spooky guitar sounds and Todd’s mix with Joe Strummer plus Marshal McLuhan on backup. I could not help but want to remix the remix- taking NoiseProfessor’s audio, chopping a few clips out, and layering it on top of some of my own library of rock music with reference to mothers… So here ya go A Remix of Remix of Cogdog’s Mom

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