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How about some Zempt! for your MovableType Blog Writing

Maybe people tire of blogging not because of lack of things to write about, but Interface Fatigue?? Back and forth from the MovableType editing screens, wating for those CGIs to pop, makes one s-l-e-e-p-y…

Another stumbling along the blog roads came up with a link to a new desktop editor for MT bloggers- Zempt. I can say that my blogging is much easier, not necessarily more witty, using ecto (on Mac OSX) as an editor rather than the labor and duress of the MT web interface.

Wow, do I love ecto- let me count the ways…. it manages the file uploads, autogenerates thumbnails for images, allows short hand HTML editing and colored syntax in edit mode, and you can do even more than you can via MovableType’s web editor (e.g. real previewing, multiple category assignment form the first edit, send pings, etc).

Ahh, just noticed there is a beta of ecto for Windoze Also ecto can be used for a number of other blog platforms, not just MovableType (e.g.TypePad, MetaBlog, Blogger).

Zempt may have promise too as I am planning to turn some new faculty onto blogging and most are using PCs. (Zempot 0.3 is for Windows, a 0.5 version is planned for Mac).

Anyhow, I came across Zempt via a post at the the Moraine County Community College Library multi-blog site, which is ironically using our little old RSS2JS scripts to bounce their RSS feeds (oops, pardon moi, cher Amy, “webfeeds”) back to ttheir blog site to feature feeds from 4 blogs on one page.though I think it makes more sense to use a MT plugin that can aggregate entries from multiple blogs, e.g. Global Listings or OtherBlog.

It’s a small blog after all.

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