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Rather Subversive: BugMetNot

Do you hate registering to read online news from the New York Times, Washington Post, etc? I do think this service may last long, but it is interesting to monitor what BugMeNot causes in terms of disruptive patterns in the technology landscape. Will the lawyers swoop in? Will the Times start trying to block the accounts? Will it ruin paid services? Will it not make much of any difference?

I am more interested to see the social patterns that ripple out that anything else…
Common sense isn’t.

Bypass Compulsory Web Registration

Basically, it is a database of usernames and password you can use to access these login required web sites without submitting your own (fake?) information. There is even a bookmarklet to make it a once click operation.

Is it ethically justifiable to do this?
You’ll have to find your own way there my friend. However, there is an interesting discussion happening over here.

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