A Big Squared Circle Flickr Poster

Check out this flickr spawned creation, the Squared Circle Poster. It is a mosaic of 2600 photos from the flickr Sqaured Circle Group (photos of circular objects inside a square image):

This image was made by compositing 2600 photographs and arranging them in a fibonacci spiral, a form commonly seen in plants, such as sunflowers and pinecones. The image was produced by Jim Bumgardner using images from the Squared Circle photo pool at Flickr, the photo-blogging website.

Jim is aiming to turn this into an actual poster, and to do so, he is seeking to get permission from the people who shared the 2600 photos on flickr– and he is appealing to them to make sure they have applied a Creative Commons license (tools built into the flickr site) that alloes derivative works. He even created a second graphic that shows in color the images that need permission changes (it looks like 25%- but check out the image):

Legally, we can only use your photos with your permission. This means you must license them. Fortunately, Flickr makes this easy.

The red band indicates unlicensed photos. The purple band indicates photos which are licensed, but have a “No Derivatives” clause. The photos in the center are useable.

Remember: We can not, and will not use your photos if you don’t license them!

This reminded me of an ichat yesterday with Gerry Paille, and he was asking why places like flickr and del.icio.us are exploding with activity, but educators cannot seem to get anywhere above the no pulse line with learning objects. Imagine a chink of learning material seamlessly created from 2600 other pieces, each licensed. Flickr is proving huge amounts of reusablity of their “objects”.

Of course photos are much similar than learning objects (after all, we all know what a photo is :-).

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  1. Hi, this is Jim Bumgardner.

    Since we started the licensing campaign we have more than doubled the number of licensed images available to the poster project.

    Here are two more image links, one showing what our first poster will most likely look like,


    and the second showing the second post popular choice, a fibonacci spiral containing 5101 tiles.


    If you’re interested in ordering either of these posters, please join the “squared circle” group at Flickr and preorder. Thanks!

    – Jim

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