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RSS Blips on the Maricopa Radar

I saw today that RSS might be starting to meme its way across our system. It takes time.

This morning I got a call from a faculty member asking where she can get software to see RSS. I sent her googling in “Desktop RSS Aggregator” not recalling which of the 90 or so ones is “best”.

In an hour, I got an email from a web developer at one of our colleges as one of their committees wants an “RSS feed on their committee page featuring 3 random MLX items related to instructional technology.”

Good signs indeed.

Next thing I know, someone will want to use a wiki.

Wait a minute! That request came 2 days ago,

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  1. Congrats Alan, small victories like this are indeed good to hear about and it’s nice to know that if you take a long enough view of it people will start to get what you are on about. Cheers, Scott

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