CDB Greatest Hits All 837 of ’em

Since I am pondering doing the MovableType to WordPress conversion, I’ve done a bit of reflecting on the last two years of blogging. Nothing profound has emerged, but I did start to think about the part of a blog post I spend the most time on (obviously it is not spell checking) — coming up with a good title.

A good post title, grabs attention, sets the mode, and I often tried (in vain) to hit the punny spot. It’s worth being original, and just not having a dry, ‘just the facts ma’am’ sort of title.

So I thought, why not peruse all of them via a MT template that displays all blog entries listed my title in alpha order? The template was a snap, the meat of it being:

So here it is, not available in any store, the full collection A-Z, 837 (and counting) CogDogBlog’s Greatest (and not so Great) Hits. And I could recall the topics of most of them except for a few… My personal of the best include:

Rock On! I’m moving to another label….

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