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BlogSieve: A New RSS Mix and Match

The link came from an actual comment to a blog entry– imagine that, a useful link from a comment! BlogSieve (“Advanced Feed Processing for Atom, RDF, and RSS”) is a new service that is fresh out and has potential for those wanting to mix RSS feed sources and recombine them in new ways:

BlogSieve is a web-based tool that creates new feeds by filtering, merging and sorting existing feeds. The BlogSieve engine accepts virtually every (valid) feed format, processed results are then exported into any feed format you choose

You can enter up to 5 feed sources (RSS URLs) as a starting point. The feature that Blogsieve offers that may maje it stand out from others, is that you can create a series of “filters” or search terms, so you are not getting everything from all 5 sources, but ones that match keyword criteria. It also provides output in 4 flavors of RSS.

As a quick example, I grabbed the URLs from 4 of my Canadian blog authors I read, mixed it with my own, to create the “Four and a Half Canadians” feed: The service is new (I had bad luck with my first test of filters, maybe a bad choice), and what it really lacks is a way to go back and make modifications in the settings (like when my sample feed above I forgot to select a category, so we are labeled as “Art”…). It could also stand to append the feed channels in the item titles so you know where it came from.

If you read this full entry, I ran my new BlogSieved feed through Feed2JS to show the output

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  2. While I’m unsure why the BlogSieve engine failed in RSS2JS why not instead try I’ve run your example feed through with great results.


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