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6x6x5 That One Thing

Now I slide down a potentially slippery incline plane to make a case for a life philosophy based on a line from a cheesy comedy-western film. Hardly the fodder for rigorous academic inquiry. Note: This is another installment in my participation in the 2022 Write 6×6 Challenge, they must sometimes shake their heads at what […]


Dave Has a Better Magic RSS Box

One of the biggest speed bumps in doing a connected course in the Feed WordPress style approach is having people figure out the arcane URL for their Blog’s RSS Feed. It’s relatively easy and discoverable if someone’s entire blog is devoted to the course or project, but gets messier if someone wants to use a […]

Coding, Wordpress

On Syndicating Comments, Conversations

Syndicating blog posts with Feed WordPress is a good tune, an old song here, from the heady days of early ds106 to my current class. But what about aggregating comments from multiple blogs? It’s come up often over the years, and recently in the Twitters by fellow RSS junkies It'd be interesting to look at […]