Ahhh the glory days of blog syndication, it seemed about all I wrote about at one time. It’s been eons since I set up a Feed WordPress enabled site. maybe NetNarr was the last.

But the stuff still works- the main DS106 site, where it all started for me, pretty much untended, keeps flowing along currently subscribed to over 1740 blogs and since 2011 has accumulate over 96,000 syndicated posts.

Every then and then I consider updating my Feed WordPress 101 series started in 2014 — sure, maybe.

But the light is on at the new event in 2022 you should sign up for, the Equity Unbound Mid Year Festival or MYFest22. It’s a fresh and flexible approach to quote unquote professional development. I’ve been doing some small bits to help out, and my contribution so far is setting up an invitation for participants to participate in the DS106 Daily Create as a means of flexing media skills and also just doing some fun creativity.

But that’s another post. Maybe.

I’m happy to be working with my long time colleague Laura Gibbs who is just more on fire than ever since retiring, and she keeps tossing in more fun bits for participants, like a shared reading room and music room. Now she is a long time advocate of making use of RSS and syndication in her courses, and doing it in a viable but very different approach from my WordPress ways. And she is pretty psyched and doing nifty things bringing content into Padlet or all things by RSS.

So when there is a call to create a blog tag RSS feed, how can I refuse to toss in something to test? So in my plan to rev up the blogging look or a few more here tagged myfest

Consider this only a Feed Test.


It won’t be graded 😉

Powers of Syndication, RSS, Activated!

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Feed Tester
Feed Tester flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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  1. Granted it was at a Domain of One’s Own workshop but syndication came up a number of times recently. I actually went back to the ol’ FWP 101 series a week or two ago. It’s interesting to re-read it now that I know a bit more about how to program stuff. I can now appreciate your work a lot better.

    I have some ideas for a RSS feed tester/explorer via the API that might actually be kind of cool with a bit of work but would only work on modern-ish WordPress. I’m hoping some sort of project comes up that makes that a sensible thing to build.

  2. I know a few folks still go the FWP route and the developer stays on top of issues (sent one in February). It’s an undertaking to do, and people these days can’t even summon much energy to blog themselves (looks in mirror, yup). I still believe in it…

    Impressive that FWP still works w/o anyone checking it over at DS106.

    That’s nifty with the API approach, with the testing bit, and as well the bit of running it through a local proxy. I gotta catch up with you!

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