Hello WordPress editor, has it really been 24 days since cracking you open here at el cogdogblog dot com? Indeed yes.

With the world ongoing plodding into now a regular incertitude I have found myself stuck on several fronts, the daily photo habot has sputtered into a bi-weekly catch-up. So what else is there to blog about beyond the old saw of blogging about blogging (or the equivalent of blogging about not blogging).

What sometimes worked in the past was to start writing without a plan in mind. That’s also maybe like just putting the car into drive and let it lurch where it wants to go.


Just sticking a post in the ground here to say, it’s still my home. I am weighing the value of where I invest other energies. Is it time to hang up the tweeting shoes and take up the tooting ones?

Get back to the blog, says the imaginary Greek Chorus. An internet home for 19 years that no one can co-opt but me. I am thinking maybe there has been too much energy pushed elsewhere, that should come back home here to roost.

I am not here to make a case for the power of this act, despite how many have let it slide for playing the status gaming favoriting with emoji click a thon. I am here to write outloud again.

At least maybe more than 2 posts a month. Not that anyone is counting. Well I am. I can.



Hello, blog home. It’s me.

Even not saying much here is better than spewing elsewhere.


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Anyone Home?
Anyone Home? flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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  1. Some hikes with Felix, some campfire pizzas with Cori, some new ways to communicate…
    Routine can comfort and it can make you feel like there is nothing…creating expectations for yourself … the writing is good and it serves the soul
    Time for a reboot, refresh, using the skills and things you love but in a new way…or returning to your true self.
    It can happen…I know it…I have done it…

    The one thing to know for sure—- you make a difference and touch many you don’t even know have been supported or inspired by you because you are you and you share it.

    So go out and do what makes you happy – not what others expect – but stay connected somehow – keep writing even if it is only you who reads.- there will be one (maybe more) who read and just as you may have hit a wall – you also put a crack in someone else’s that lets them see there is light again.
    Write on or create in whatever way makes you – you.

    Take care. Create. Have fun and be happy – you don’t have to carry everyone else – only those who matter most – the rest will be fine.

    And I personally do appreciate and value the writing on the blog more than the tweets, emojis, likes etc. and look forward to having something besides a tally to look at to connect with others.
    Write on!

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