For some unknown reason, I was cleaning up my browser bookmark tools. I cannot even remember where I found this, but I had forgotten about one that grabs images from any web page in view, and allows you to then upload any of them to your own flickr account. Going beyond the knee jerk fear/reaction of people lifting images from other web sites, it struck me as a nice way to combine your own web pages, and quickly add/archive them to your flickr site– this is surely more efficient than saving local copies, and uploading them from your hard drive.

Since I was just Jackalop-ing around in a previous post, I visited my own web page featuring the prong-horned bunny, and clicked the flickr-it bookmark. This yanks all the images from the page, and I can then upload any of them to flickr in one quick click. Upon upload, it uses the file name as the image title (no surprise), and inserts the URL of the image as a caption.

Since I cannot provide or find where I originally got this (it is not my own creation), you can use this link to drag to your own browser bar, and give it a twirl.

And please kids, don’t post other people’s images as your own.

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