Taking the cue from Stephen Downes who took it from Jay Cross, I quickly checked out SuperGlu a new Web.0 tool that aggregates anything that you may have stored elswhere that provides an RSS feed…

SuprGlu is about bringing the pieces of your web content together into one central place for you, your friends, and maybe even your friends to-be. Do you already use services like del.icio.us, flickr, blogger, typepad, etc? SuprGlu is a new way to gather all your content from those sites. In a nutshell, SuprGlu:

* gathers your content from popular webservices and publishes them in one convenient place.
* presents your content with simple, great looking templates which you can customize.
* is FREE to use!

So in less than 10 minutes, I had glued together 4 or five pieces of my extended, syndicated self. The beauty of the glue is that it uses info that is publicly syndicated elsewhere. This is very much in line with Scott Wilson’s notion of the Future VLE… and prtty much is a working case that an Electronic Portfolio system may need not be some monstrous, code pile enterprise application, but as simple as an aggregator of artifacts stored elsewhere.

Whether that is far fetched or not, SuperGlu is the living example of what a few of us Canadians and pseudo Canadians have tossed about as Rip. Mix. Learn.

It works. It uses open (simple) content (RSS). It’s free.

I’m into the Glu.

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  1. Hmm, I agree in theory this sounds neat; in practice, it didn’t seem to interleave content from my 4 sources that well (which is I assume what it is supposed to do). I expect part of the problem was my recent infrequency in posting, but as I paged back through the archives I either got a full page of blog posts, or a full page of flickr images, but never both combined, which seemed odd. Likely just betaritis.

  2. Good point- you can see I sniffed the glu for only those 10 minutes– so they are gluing together each source as a chunk rather than mixing and matching. It *should* not be a heap of trouble for them to truly mix.

    Also, it would nice nice if they made the source of each thing a bit mroe clearly labeled.

    And what’s “beta” mean anymore? Half of Google is still in Beta. Flickr’s logo still says “beta”.

  3. Nick-

    No answer to why the Glu would not stick to your WP feed… it took mine! I would (a) verify the feed URL (duh); and (b) Make sure the feed validates. RSS parsers may barf when it encounters stange feed characters.

    Otherwise, I would take it personally 😉

  4. Pretty doggone interesting. Thanks for the link! Early adopters get the best URLs: gardner.superglu.com.

    Got my WP and del.icio.us feeds with no problem.

  5. Added flickr very easily. Trouble in doggyland, though: Superglu doesn’t seem to generate an RSS feed itself. Or am I missing something?

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