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Year End Bloggings (No Rest for Spammers)

I’ve finally caught up with my other colleagues in getting into relaxed, holiday, not-at-the-office for a while mode. One of the nice side perks of working in education is getting their holiday schedule, so I am away from the building until January 3, hibernating up in our comfy cabin in Strawberry, in frequently sipping the internet through a 28 kbs dial-up straw.

We’re wondering where winter is, as high pressure over the southwest has our temps in the mid 60s in the day, and barely below 50 at night, maybe 20 degrees warmer than it ought to be. And there has not been significant precipitation here in Arizona since October. We want snow, but there nearest moisture must be 1000 miles away.

Even the last week at Maricopa, the internal email dropped off to almost nil as most made an early exit, and my major accomplishment on my last day (Thursday) was cleaning my office (meaning trashing piles of papers in my desk or shoving important things into an unorganized drawer). With a notice that our carpets were to be cleaned over break, I even got rid of a bunch of crap under the desk, and tried to detangle the mess of cords and cables from an assortment of laptops, hard drives, speakers, extra monitors, audio speakers, video camera, periphials, that I rustle around. It was cable hell under there, and I got them pretty well tidied and bound up more neatly. I know entropy works in my office clutter.

But while most people are slowing their life down and spending time with family, the spammers are still running their race pace. 36 hours away from email, and the ratio of real mail to total was about 3 / 127. Boy do I appreciated Thunderbird’s spam filters. And here on the blog, the in vain efforts of spammers has been on the rise lately, and the pile of dead spam roaches is growing higher outside the protective wall of the Word Press Spam Karma 2 plugin.

Ah, the smell of dead spam frying in napalm.

But enough of that… I’m expecting to be engaged next week in mostly non-bog worthy activity (picture a hammock), so I am mulling over blog year 2005 for some highlights and favorite posts. (Ok, D’Arcy inspired me to comb through my archives):

Wow, that took much longer than I thought, and maybe I should trim the list. These are my own mile markers, and the glance back does put a blogging year in perspective. I can say the thought is weird that people I do not know (or know) read this stiff, and even more weird, get in their minds I know what I am writing about. It’s made up as I go ;-)

I am also looking forward to turning the clock for 2006. My IndyJunior travel plans already have San Diego, Vancouver (and maybe Austin) pegged for 2006 travel. Also on the map is a plan to be more serious and regular about keeping an eportfolio that is more than a playpen, and maybe a stepping stone…

Anyhow, to all CDB readers out there, have a great year-end roll over into 2006. Blogging relaxed from Strawberry, Arizona… Alan

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  1. Alan, there’s not snow here, either – and we had lots a month ago. Chinooks have melted us back to late September. Nice brown christmas…

    Have fun at Strawberry – and please blog a photo of the hammock ;-)

    Send my best wishes to your better half.

  2. If were to sit down and blog retrospectively about the year, I would certainly savor the time hanging out with the legendary Alan Levine here at SDSU. Wish you could have stayed longer. Have a great new year!

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