I’m in lovely Vancouver, BC. I had heard their winter was one of record setting rainfall, so coming from the Arizona desert where we’ve had the opposite problem (111 days and counting), I was enchanted by the notion of seeing the spectacle of water falling from the sky.

No deal. Stepping off the plane was a glorious polaroid filter blue sky and lovely snow capped mountains for a backdrop (sorry words only, I took some time off from snapping photos).

It was a wonderful relaxing day at the hospitable Lamb homestead. Tomorrow we are slated with other colleagues for a Social Software Salon @ UBC (do not picture lavish hair stylists applying folksonomic tag gel).

Friday is a “Edublogger Hootenany” session at the Northern Voice Moosecamp, and Saturday, the main Northern Voice event. This is going to be a fantastic gathering and I plan to cross off a lot of names of Bloggers I’ve Always Wanted to Meet List.

Even more eerie is sitting at Brian’s dining room table, laptops 30 inches apart, as he deftly taps out another blog entry and I work on this one. Maybe I should send him a Skype call.

I’ll have to wait, he is Skyping his dad in Hong Kong.

This might be called Life 2.0.

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  1. I should have asked you to join when Brian and I were chatting earlier – how rude of me! ;^)

    Something similar happened to me in November at the SACE conference in Regina. I was having breakfast with Dean Shareski and Stephen Downes, and I checked my e-mail. At the top of my inbox was the brand new OLDaily. I actually said out loud “Hey, the new OLDaily is here – I wonder what’s in it!”, then I realized that if I truly wanted to know, I could just ask the guy sitting to my right.

    I’m not sure about Life 2.0 – I think its just insidious post-modernism.

  2. Ah, Life 2.0.

    My daughter and her friends will IM each other in the same room so they can all go to the cool web sites together. They’ll also archive their IM sessions so they can share the funny ones with each other and with absent friends at another time.

    It may feel weird, but it gets more people involved (sometimes), and it has the proverbial long tail … others will take heart from it, I know. (For I have!)

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